You may be asking yourself,
“Why should I use a designer”?

You may be thinking,
“I can do this myself. I watch HGTV and it doesn’t look that difficult”.

A professional interior designer enters into a relationship with each client. A skilled interior designer will listen to their client’s wants and needs, determine the client’s style and direction they want to go in from a fact finding interview and create that look and space.

Using a professional has distinct advantages:
It is a designer’s job to make sure you do not make a mistake!
How many times have you painted a room only to discover you don’t like the color? How many pieces of furniture have you purchased that you had to replace soon after either because it didn’t fit the room in size, style or scale or worse yet the quality was poor and it wore out way too fast. As a rule, designers also know what high quality furnishings will last longer.

The client is very involved in the design process, including the selection of color, style, fabric, wall color, wall coverings, window treatments, furniture and flooring.